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The Aylesbury Multicultural Community Centre (AMCC), formerly known as Aylesbury Vale Multicultural Centre, first came into being on the 12th October 1984.  Originally the Centre was a temporary building situated in what is now the Morrisons car-park.

The 80’s were turbulent times with regard to race relations throughout the UK, and Aylesbury was no exception.  Community leaders and Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) felt that there was a need to provide the ethnic community, particularly the young people, with a safe environment for them to get together.  Initially it was one room in The Civic Centre until a Temporary Centre was completed in October 1984 (pictured below).

In April 1992 a permanent building was erected by AVDC on Friarscroft Way, where we are still situated today.  However, the Executive Committee of the AMCC and AVDC recognised that in order to encourage a cohesive community, inclusiveness is vital.  Everyone, irrespective of their religion, race, colour, gender, sexuality or background, is welcome at the AMCC and we are now well established within our local community.

The Centre is a registered charity and the day to day running of the Centre is managed by our Centre Manager and staff.  Although AVDC own this building, the Executive Committee are responsible for policies and procedures.  Every year an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held at the AMCC and a new committee is voted in for the upcoming year.

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Above – picture of Aylesbury Vale Multicultural Centre as it was in 1992

The current Committee includes members representing the Indian Cultural Society, Aylesbury Italian Association, Aylesbury West Indian Society, the Nigerian Community Association, Aylesbury Ghanaian Association, Aylesbury Town Council, AVDC, Bucks County Council, Service Users and Independent Members who are not affiliated to any particular group.

If you would like to serve on the Committee because you would like to get involved or you feel you can bring something to the Committee, please come along to the next AGM.  For further information, please contact the AMCC via telephone, email or letter; or you are quite welcome to drop in and ask questions.

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Above: The Aylesbury Multicultural Community Centre today with the new extension, to the right of the building.The extension accommodates a Recording Studio (which is available for hire), on the first floor of the building.

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